Friday, October 8, 2010

RSS7: Read Feed Updates from Windows 7 Taskbar

For People who love to keep themselves updated with the latest news all around the world, feed readers are the best solution available for their need. Using a feed reader not only helps you in performing your work faster by eliminating the need of opening websites to view news but also confines information source as it only shows updates from the sites you have selected.

Rss7 is a freeware portable RSS feed reader for windows 7 only. The unique feature about this application is that it does not come with a separate working window that all other feed readers do. Rss7 shows up feed updates as thumbnail preview and also provides features like reading next feed, opening source website directly etc.

This application is still in development stages and hence it is not totally convenient to work with it. To add a new feed to it you have to add the website feed url to the text file named feed in the application folder.

download RSS7

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